The Lazy Student’s Guide

Writing a Strong Essay on Any Topic

It is not as hard to write an essay as you might think it could be. If anything, the effort required for doing so is not as extensive as some might say. You can use many pointers to write any kind of paper that stands out.

  • Use an Attention-Grabbing Introduction
  • To start, you have to write an introduction that immediately draws in the reader. This can include details on the topic you want to discuss or the types of statements you want to share. No matter what you want to share with someone, you have to use an introduction that is appealing and instantly intriguing.

  • Make a Specific Thesis
  • The thesis that you plan on using in your discussion should be as specific as possible. The thesis must be detailed enough to show that you understand the topic and that you have a clear angle to work with. This thesis may be added during the start of your essay.

  • Examples Help For an Argument
  • When writing your paper, you will more than likely have a certain opinion that you want to share. This argument should be expressed carefully with a good expression of data. This includes showing examples or evidence relating to your argument.

    You can always share hypothetical examples but it is best to try and share information that is as true to life as possible. Anything that is appealing and useful for your argument will make a difference.

  • Create Good Transitions
  • Transitions should be used properly within your work. Transitions are sentences or words that will move the work from one point to the next. You can use transitions that connect ideas or show how one idea you introduced early on is relevant to whatever you are going to talk about next. Such transitions help to show people what you want to discuss without being complicated or jarring in tone. This especially helps keep people from feeling lost while reading your work.

  • Concentrate on the Important Parts First and Last
  • When writing, you have to look at whatever parts of your paper are the most important and what’s not so essential. You have to place the most important supporting points to your thesis at the beginning and ending parts of your paper.

    When you add these critical parts at the start and end, you will show the reader that you value certain topics and considerations above all others. For the beginning, you will show the key points that you want to frame an argument around. At the end, you will show that many of the topics you discussed all contribute to something even more essential and intriguing.