Can Money Buy Happiness?

Money is a material asset created by man. So, many human needs revolve around money, but can it buy happiness? As humans, we can only have temporary contentment from things acquired using money such as getting the latest cars, phones, accessories, furniture, vacations among so many other essentials. Does true happiness lie in having all these things? What happens when these things are taken away from us?

Everybody has a dream that one way or the other involves using money, the importance of money cannot be understated but it should not be placed over happiness. It is important to note that money alone cannot make anybody truly happy. Happiness is something that anyone can have irrespective of their social status or financial background. Only a person can make him/herself happy because your happiness is dependent on you. There are several situations where it may appear impossible for someone to be happy but the person is surprisingly happy, such a person is said to be content with life and their happiness is solely dependent on them. Since people have different personalities, it is possible to learn how to be happy using professional help or finding your happiness yourself. Also, what might seem little to you might bring enough joy to another person. It is important to be grateful for every day and for everything that happens.

Money Cannot Buy Happiness

Even though it is complicated to explain what happiness is or how to be happy at all times, true happiness lies within. Being happy with yourself, having loved ones around, spending valuable time doing what you love, and a host of other things will make you happy. We all need fulfillment and happiness from other sources apart from money, money should not be equated to happiness. However, it is not wrong to say that money compliment happiness, as some of our worldly attainment can only be achieved through money. But it should not be a major key to your happiness.

Happiness can be derived from several sources as people recently finds joy in different aspects of their lives. We have physical and spiritual happiness. For the physical, people are happy about the things and the people around them. They feel content with their body size and cheap things they have. While for spiritual happiness, people feel happy with their level of spirituality irrespective of the religion they choose, some people are free-spirited and that alone gives them maximum happiness.

Money Cannot Buy Happiness – How To Find Eternal Happiness

Happiness should stem from the simplest things in life. It should not be a bond or link to a particular thing or source in case of loss. So far, it has been established that money gives temporary happiness and pleasure. It gives material assets that give us artificial blissfulness that will, sooner or later, disappear. Money can never buy happiness, people who value the simplest things in life like intimacy, community development and growth are more mentally healthy than those who value popularity, beauty, and money. Seek within you to find an eternal source of happiness as money cannot and will never equal happiness.

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